Strong-Seal Composite Piling, Poles, and Timbers

Strong-Seal® Composite Piling, Poles & Timbers

Strong-Seal® composite is a revolutionary use of two proven products that have stood the test of time in the marine market, Fiberglass and 2.50 CCA Treated Wood. We take a 2.50 pcf CCA treated piling or timber, and then filament wind individual strands of fiberglass around the wood using a fiberglass resin designed for use in the corrosive saltwater environment.

Strong-Seal® comes in a standard clear color, but can also be manufactured in custom colors to meet the homeowner's specific needs. Clear, black, brown, tan, grey, red, pink, blue and more, you pick the color and we will custom manufacture the piling to meet your needs. Instead of painting a surface color on the fiberglass, we actually add color pigment to the resin during the manufacturing process to give the resin a uniform color throughout the fiberglass.

With Strong-Seal® you can also choose to wrap the entire piling or just a section, or portion, of the piling. In order to economize, some customers have chosen not to wrap the end of the piling that is driven beneath the mud line, or the butt of the piling that will be trimmed off to a uniform height once the finished height of the dock is determined. A cap on each piling is usually installed on the butt of the piling in order to cover the exposed end of the piling. Bolt holes and field cuts of Strong-Seal® can be field coated in place with clear marine fiberglass resin that can be purchased at any marine or building supply store.

Strong-Seal® has also been approved by US Fish and Wildlife, National Marine Fisheries, US Army Corp of Engineers, and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the National Park Service as a "non-polluting" construction product for uses in sensitive aquatic areas in New Jersey, where human activities have previously stressed the aquatic environment. The resin that is used to manufacture Strong-Seal® is designed for use in the harsh saltwater environment, and is also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in bulk beverage containers.

Strong-Seal® fiberglass wrap and 2.50 CCA treated wood combine to create a composite piling of two time proven products that will give your dock or seawall a unique look.

Utility Poles:

The utility industry has also developed into a market for Strong-Seal®. We take an ANSI and AWPA approved .60 pcf treated wooden utility poles and wrap it with fiberglass. Strong-Seal® can offer additional protection to the ground line section of the pole by wrapping just the butt end of the pole. Additionally the top section of the pole can be wrapped with Strong-Seal® in areas where poles are subject to woodpecker damage. Data is being developed to determine how much the Strong-Seal® fiberglass wrap increases the bending strength of the pole, but there are currently no claims of increased strength with the use of Strong-Seal®.

More Information

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